Steps In Replacing A PLC Battery

During power outages, the processor’s memory needs backup power to retain the necessary data and information and the lithium battery in ALLEN BRADLEY programmable logic controllers possess the capacity to provide power backup facility. Camcorder batteries or the PLC batteries in the processor have to be replaced when ‘low battery’ or low battery voltage is indicated. The steps for replacing PLC batteries are,

●      The first step is to find the place where the lithium cell is located, which is normally in the front part of the processor. The PLC batteries should be unplugged, if you have to locate the batteries only after removing the chassis.

●      If the PLC batteries are situated inside the module, you have to slide them out after pressing the retainer clips provided there.

●      Examine the module to find any kind of battery damage or leakage and in the event of any damage, dispose the battery carefully.

●      Take the ALLEN BRADLEY PLC battery from the clips after unplugging the connector.

●      PLCs are manufactured by GE Fanuc and Allen Bradley companies in the United States and by hordes of other companies in the USA. After purchasing the replacement battery, check if it is identical to the previous one in Allen Bradley PLC.

●      Write the date of installation of the PLC batteries in the new battery or use labels to do it.

●      Install the battery using battery connector and retaining clips and then restore power to PLC batteries.

●      Finally make sure that the ‘low battery’ indication is turned off.

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