Changing PLC Batteries

Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers comprise of lithium batteries that supply backup power to the processors. The back up power in these PLC batteries is useful during power outage that persists for nearly thirty minutes. The power outage can result in loss of information from the memory of the processor but PLC batteries have the capacity to provide power backup in order to save and retain the info.

Lithium battery in Allen Bradley PLC or camcorder batteries have a lifespan of over two to five years, according to the amount of battery utilized frequently and the kind of processor for which it is used. The PLC batteries have an indicator that shows ‘low battery voltage’.

For changing PLC batteries, it is imperative to find the location of the battery in the ALLEN BRADLEY PLC. Normally the battery in ALLEN BRADLEY programmable logic controllers is found in the processor module’s front portion. After finding the location, you should check for electrolyte leakage or casing damage to the cell. Then you must unplug the connector and detach the PLC batteries.

GE fanuc series and Allen Bradley are renowned in the United States for PLCs. You can find replacement PLC batteries manufactured by them or other companies in the USA for reasonable price tags. After getting the right battery for replacement, note the date of installing the new battery on the battery itself and attach the new battery to the retaining clips. Switch on the power to the PLC batteries and ensure that the ‘battery low indication’ is tuned off, after replacement.

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