How to Restart a Texas Instrument Titanium Press – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS PLC Batteries

Texas Instruments manufactures a line of graphing calculators. One of the calculators in this line is the Titanium Graphing Calculator. In addition to performing routine calculator functions, the calculator can solve more difficult mathematics problems and equations typically equated with algebra, geometry and statistics, as well as being able to make and display mathematical graphs. If you wish to reset or restart the calculator, you have two options. By resetting the RAM, you erase al your current data and user set variables and functions. By resetting the Flash ROM, you delete the RAM as well as all stored data and old archives. Once the information has been deleted, the calculator will reset the RAM and/or Flash ROM to the factory settings. There will be no way to restore your deleted information.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Reset RAM

Push and simultaneously hold down the “Right Arrow,” “Left Arrow” and the “2nd” button.

Push the “ON” button once.

Release the keys once the Texas Instrument Titanium Calculator screen changes. It will display icons, followed by a black square. This indicates the RAM is being deleted and reset to factory settings.

Reset RAM and Flash ROM

Slide the battery cover, on the back of the Texas Instrument Calculator, down for removal.

Remove just one of the AAA batteries housed in the battery bay. Leave the additional three batteries in the battery bay.

Push and hold down the “-“(negative) button and the “)” (right parenthesis) button. While holding down the buttons place the removed battery into the battery bay.

Release all the buttons once the battery has been inserted into the battery bay for five seconds. Slide the battery cover over the battery bay. The display screen will display icons, followed by a black square. This indicates the RAM and Flash ROM are being deleted and reset to factory settings.

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