Hearing Aid Batteries-Info

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How to Maximize Your BlackBerry Battery Life

The one thing we all crave from our BlackBerries, aside from a smaller price tag, is more battery life. In the spectrum of wireless devices, BlackBerries are actually pretty good in terms of battery life. Still, it’s always nice to have a little bit more, especially when you forget your travel charger on that business trip you’re taking.


Radio Low

Here’s a few tips:

1) Don’t use the backlight. This isn’t always an option, like in the 7100 models, but using the backlight will eat up a fair amount of battery life. Save it for when you really need it.

2) Ease back on wireless stuff. I know it’s cool to surf the web and chat from your Berry. But programs that use the wireless capabilities of the device, like the browser, put additional drain on the battery. Go easy when your battery gets low.

3) Turn off wireless when coverage is poor. Being in a fringe or no coverage area means that your BlackBerry may have to transmit many times before the packets make it through. This will eat up the battery faster than normal.

4) For that matter, turn off wireless completely. Gasp! There, I said it. I know, that’s really no fun at all. But if you’re far from a charger and low on battery, you gotta do what you gotta do.

5) Turn off bluetooth when you aren’t using it.

6) Recharge often.
Don’t try to fully discharge the battery packs too frequently. Several partial discharges with frequent recharges are better for lithium-ion batteries than one total discharge. Lithium-ion batteries don’t have a “memory”, so recharging a partially charged battery doesn’t cause any harm.

7) If battery life continues to be a problem, consider buying a spare. For around $30 you buy some peace of mind that you’ll always have power. Because everything on the BlackBerry is written to Flash ROM, your data is safe while you pop out the old battery and replace it. Buy spare batteries and chargers here.


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The two way radio and its batteries

Communication is one of the most important functions in the society; the relay of one message from one person to another will play an essential role in communication. The two way radio is a device that will allow the transmission of sound from one end to another while making the use of radio waves.

The two way radio transmitter is claimed to have been discovered in the Second World War. The engineering of the device is accredited to the works of Donald L. Hings and Alfred J. Gross and engineering teams in Motorola a great electronics company that is associated with the mass production of mobile phones.

The first two way radio that used replacement batteries was commonly knick named the walkie talkie when it was backpacked but called the hand talkie when it was developed as a handheld. The design of the two way radio used the vacuum tubes and replacement batteries that provided the device with an operating voltage. The walkie talkie has been developed such that it can be operated as a small hand held device, a device that is easily operated by replacement cells. The replacement cells are commonly provided in the 1.5 volts, 3 volts and 9 volts.

The best batteries for one’s walkie talkie can be sourced from PQbattery.com; the batteries that one can find on the site will offer one power for the devices to keep running. One can find batteries such as the Allen Bradley 1770 XL replacement battery that will provide one with 1.5 volts of power at 300 mAh. It’s quite simple to get the replacement battery since one can just order from the site. A lithium battery is one of the best replacement batteries that one can get in the market however the use will depend on the structure of the device.

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The Barcode Scanner and how it’s evolved:

A barcode scanner is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. While cell phone cameras without auto-focus are not ideal for reading some common barcode formats, there are 2D barcodes (such as Semacode) which are optimized for cell phones, as well as QR Codes and Data Matrix codes which can be read quickly and accurately with or without auto-focus. These open up a number of applications for consumers:

■      Movies: DVD/VHS movie catalogs

■      Music: CD catalogs, play MP3 when scanned

■      Book catalogs

■      Groceries, nutrition information, making shopping lists when the last of an item is used, etc.

■      Personal Property inventory (for insurance and other purposes)

■      Calling cards: 2D barcodes can store contact information for importing.

■      Brick and mortar shopping: Portable scanners can be used to record items of interest for looking up online at home.

■      Coupon management: weeding expired coupons.

■      Personal finance. Receipts can be tagged with a barcode label and the barcode scanned into personal finance software when entering. Later, scanned receipt images can then be automatically associated with the appropriate entries. Later, the bar codes can be used to rapidly weed out paper copies not required to be retained for tax or asset inventory purposes.

■      If retailers put barcodes on receipts that allowed downloading an electronic copy or encoded the entire receipt in a 2D barcode, consumers could easily import data into personal finance, property inventory, and grocery management software. Receipts scanned on a scanner could be automatically identified and associated with the appropriate entries in finance and property inventory software.

A number of enterprise applications using cell phones are appearing:

■      Access control (ex. ticket validation at venues), inventory reporting (ex. tracking deliveries), asset tracking (ex. anti-counterfeiting).

ZXing Barcode Scanner, an Android platform application, is one example of a barcode reader that has been optimized to work with a cellphone camera. Big in Japan’s ShopSavvy and Occipital’s RedLaser, among others, are examples of barcode reader apps for the iPhone optimized to work with a cellphone camera. There are also a few other IPhone apps, the interesting among those is GTR Software’s Scan&Shop which basically integrates barcode scanner into Google shopping web site.


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The Truth About PDA batteries and how to find the type that suits you best

If you own a PDA, you need batteries to go with it. No doubt about it. Without a VGP-BPS9A/B battery, your PDA can not function and it is virtually useless. If you purchased your Pocket PC from a dealer or manufacturer, your machine is probably already comes with a battery to the right of the box.

In many cases, you want to get OT or a second battery. This may occur because of one of these reasons:

1. You want a replacement PA3534U-1BRS battery to support you

2. The battery manufacturer that you have given with the PDA is not satisfactory and you want another. With today’s affordable Toshiba pa3399u 1bas battery costs, it is easy to acquire a new battery fast.

Now there is more than one type of batteries for handheld devices. There are some technologies that are used to make batteries, and leads to different qualities, prices, advantages and disadvantages. You might want to look closely at the different types of batteries and their qualities if you choose the best type for your needs. Let’s take a brief look at the different types of batteries available for PDA users:

The old school battery – Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) PDA Battery

NiCd is one of the most proven and most widely used rechargeable batteries as thinkpad x61 tablet battery. Very robust and reliable, “which is widely used in backup systems. You can always relay on NiCd batteries to do the job. They contain cadmium and have relatively low capacity compared to other rechargeable systems. But it is about the only disadvantage they have. These batteries are cheap and you can often buy 2 for the price of one!

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) handheld battery PC

NiMH technology is a technology less popular, yet available for Pocket PC. No particular advantage here.

New technology for handheld battery – Li-Ion (Li-Ion) PDA batteries

Li-ion batteries are a relatively new technology. They may offer 40% more capacity than NiCd respectively, and are much lighter. They did not “remember” the tendency of NiCd batteries lose capacity over time and recharges.

These qualities make batteries Li-ion battery perfect for laptops PDAs, wireless phones and other handheld devices. So no matter if you have a Palm One, an iPAQ, Blackberry any other device, you can use this Compaq NX9040 battery. They are also one of the more expensive rechargeable technologies. They can cost 3 times more than NiCd. So if you get one of these – take care of her.

The only drawback of these batteries is the tendency to explode if subjected to extreme heat or are drained too quickly. But the smart solution have been developed to overcome the phenomena, such as smart covers nutralize hazards.

The most recommended source for a PDA Compaq HP nx6125 battery is to buy online. By the way, PQBattery.com will let you order the battery you have need, in many cases at a lower price than the store regularly. Best of all, in many cases shipping is free.

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The use of the lithium battery

When one is to use a device that relies on a battery or batteries as a source of power one must make sure that the choice in battery that one makes is quality. In these days the use of portable devices has led to an increased demand for better quality and longer lasting batteries. The lithium battery is one of the most used batteries due to its advantages. It is used in electrical devices such as cell phones, laptops, remote controls and other handheld devices.  The lithium batteries are used in these devices mostly since they provide one with a constant voltage and a longer battery life.

If one thinks of using the lithium batteries one is provided with the advantage of a rechargeable battery in some cases cell phones, laptops, I Phones and other devices. The only requirement when one is using the rechargeable lithium batteries is to use a charger that is perfect for the job, it is recommended that one uses a specialized charger that is mostly supplied along with the devoice to charge the battery. For the replacement batteries, how long the battery lasts while providing sufficient power is the main concern in buying. If one happens to find a battery that lasts long, one should make a point of buying a replacement battery that will be on standby.  The potable light torch, camcorder and other products require the replacement battery and choosing one that will provide a constant volt supply will best served if one chooses the lithium battery.

The use of the lithium battery to operate handheld devices helps in the environment in reducing the amount of waste that comes from disposing other inferior batteries. Some batteries release mercury and other heavy metals when disposed to the environment. The greatest advantage associated with the lithium batteries is their performance price ratio.


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7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPad’s Battery Life

Apple promises iPad owners a 10-hour battery life when using their device continuously, however you will find that options like Wi-Fi, screen brightness, location services, and Bluetooth will impact the life of the battery and can quickly turn 10 hours to five. So if you’re trying to figure out what’s the best way to maximize your iPad’s battery life check out the tips below. If you have any comments or questions, or have tips of your own to share, please use the comments form at the end of the article.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

You will be surprised as to how bright the iPad’s screen in at lower brightness levels. To extend the iPad’s battery life reduce the brightness to about 25-35%. That should provide you with enough luminosity to view the screen and should take less of a toll on your battery’s life.

ipad battery tip screen brightness ios4 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

To reduce the iPad’s screen brightness (iOS 4), (1) Press the Home button twice and (2) Swipe the recently open apps list to the right. You will find the brightness controls on the left, (3) use theSlider to adjust the screen’s brightness.

ipad battery tip screen brightness 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

If you’re using iOS 3.2 head on over to (1) Settings (2) Brightness & Wallpaper (3) Use the Sliderto adjust the screen’s brightness.

2. Turn off Bluetooth

If you find that you are not using a Bluetooth device with your iPad then you are probably better off making sure that the Bluetooth radio is off, although it uses little power, there’s no reason to keep the radio on if you are not using it.

ipad battery tip screen bluetooth 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

To turn off the Bluetooth radio head on over (1) Settings (2) General (3) Bluetooth and set to Off.

3. Turn Off Location Services

When you enable location services on your iPad, your iPad’s GPS radio will try to keep tabs on your location so that Apps like Maps, Foursquare, and other location-based services can quickly find your location, but if you find that this is not something you care for and can do without the location turn off location services.n update your current location. When this is on your battery is being used all the time, if you don’t mind waiting a little longer and turninto find your location with location-based apps, then you can probably turn off Location Services.

ipad battery tip location services 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

To turn off your iPad’s location services go to (1) Settings (2) General (3) Location Services and set to Off.

4. Turn Off Push Messaging

When enabled, push messaging keeps the iPad constantly checking for messages which keeps you updated, but also impacts battery life. The choice is yours, but if emails can wait then you may want to disable push emails and have the iPad check at specified intervals, the longer the interval, the better.

ipad battery tip mail fetching 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

To change the frequency that the iPad fetches messages (1) Tap Settings (2) Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars (3) and Tap Fetch New Data.

ipad battery tip mail fetching a 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

(4) Turn Off Push and (5) tap on one of the Fetch intervals available.

5. Lock the Screen Quickly

Does your iPad’s screen remain turned on for a prolonged period of time? If so you may want to decrease the amount of time before the screen automatically locks so that you can conserve battery life. Follow the steps below to change Auto-Lock.

ipad auto lock 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

(1) Tap Settings (2) tap General (3) and tap Auto-Lock.

ipad auto lock a 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

(4) Change the Auto-Lock interval to 2 Minutes.

6. Use Airplane Mode More Often

If you use your iPad to read eBooks or watch movies stored on the device, then there’s no reason why the Wi-Fi radio or any other radio to be on. Although Airplane Mode is intended for air travel, it can also be used to turn off all of the radios so that your iPad consumes less battery.

airplane mode 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

To enable Airplane Mode, (1) tap Settings and (2) toggle Airplane Mode to On.

7. Turn Off Push Notifications

Push notifications enable apps like eBay, Game Center, and others to push notifications to iPad users. These alerts require that the iPad constantly work in the background to receive these messages. This of course affects battery performance and can reduce your iPad’s battery life.

Follow the instructions below to disable push notifications on the iPad.

notifications 7 Tips to Help You Maximize Your iPads Battery Life

(1) Tap Settings on the Home screen and (2) tap Notifications and then turn off Notifications by (3) toggling the switch to OFF.

By following these tips you should see an improvement in battery life for your iPad, if you have tips of your own to share, please use the comments form below.


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